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  • 22 Dr. Ahmed amin st. saint fatima square, heliopolis, Egypt-Cairo
  • info@evergreen-eg.com
  • 01020266226 / 01020266332 / 20671026 / 21803249

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About us

Ever Green Agricultural Contractors is one of the most leading companies in the field of Landscape and maintenance greenery. The company was founded in 2000 to its owner, Eng. Sherif Fayez and a group of professional engineers, agricultural administrators and agricultural employment at the highest level of competence and experience.

We are experienced for more than 20 years in providing all the needs and requirements for the design and implementation of sites Landscape as well as providing an attractive and imaginative evergreen landscape coping with nature.

The Company’s Objectives and Philosophy

At the individual level:
The company was founded in the belief of the importance of the presence of green spaces to maintain a healthy, appropriate environment and climate which reflects to individuals ‘health  in order to get a peace of mind that affects the scope of the overall performance. One of our major interests & concerns is to focus on our customer services and meet their needs, requirements to reach a whole satisfaction.

On the level of Resorts, Hotels and Public Projects:

As its importance arise in attracting touristic investment, green spaces is one of the most important successful attracting factors, as it casts on the websites luxury and Excellency, as its role Ever Green exerts its effort for saving an providing a unique and isolated methods to make us abreast of the latest artistic technologies in this area.